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I want to use Avidemux, but it's complaining: libavutil version 54.23.100, library version 54.26.100 doesn't matter what I try Kartagis: install the libav version from the repo Kartagis: for that see: "apt-cache policy libavcodec" k1l_: the repo doesn't have the version I need 5.2.3 x86_64:libavcodec57-58: I'm on x86_64 5.2.3 is not the version 54.26.100 Anyone know how to get rid of default network manager/shipping on installing 14.04? nolsen: remove that ppa k1l_: What ppa? nolsen: i am not sure what that means. but you need to find out the ppa that ships that 3rd party stuff nolsen: disable it in the installer So like...reisio: the one that says Ubuntu Studio? s/packagekit is a pain/apt is much better/ reisio: I did not know I could do that on the installer. nolsen: what ubuntu are you running? 14.04 nolsen: you dont install studio on 14.04 nolsen: there might be a graphical way, but I don't know it, and it's probably not worth the time/effort to find out nolsen: nolsen: you will get the desktop with ubuntustudio if you installed that I see... nolsen: I think there was a bug report for that



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Beatedit For Premiere Pro wyncha

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