co-produced by Little Red Theatre

Three performers dive into our felt experiences of the natural world, dancing on a circular, hand-woven wool floor mat, surrounded closely by spectators who are welcomed as privileged partners, indispensable to this unique visual and auditory experience. 

Created by choreographer, Bill Coleman in collaboration with dancers and with kindergarten children, FELT asks us to recall the wonder of life, to experience a performance as we might a community gathering, and to feel - deeply and subtly...  

FELT is a constantly evolving kaleidoscope of forms and images, supported by rhythmic accompaniment from the audience, closely gathered around the matted wool floor and interconnected by the physical and sonic images that arise and pass away, gradually becoming a single breathing presence, a moving form, living tissue. The project's flexible, minimalist production makes it highly adaptable to all environments: a traditional performance venue, gallery, and outdoors.  

Video by: John Lauener

Performed by: Mairéad Filgate, Mairi Greig, Ann Trépanier

Conceived and choreographed by: Bill Coleman


Voice Consultant: Christine Duncan


Lighting/Technical Direction: Pierre Lavoie


Floor Design: Edward Poitras, Robin Poitras

Felt Floor created by: Arts Council of Mongolia

Rehearsal Direction: Won Myeong Won

Costumes: Mairi Greig

For bookings, please contact Bill Coleman at billcolemandance@gmail.com