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Out of the Longhouse:

An Evening with Lee Maracle and Bill Coleman


Illustration by Catherine Dallaire 

Acclaimed author Lee Maracle and renowned dancer Bill Coleman, retell the Salish Longhouse Flood Story. Oral tradition and contemporary dance weave together, bringing words to life with movement and sound, including tap dancing and live foley sound fx interspersed with personal tales of catastrophes - and aftermaths, too. These two master storytellers use words and movement to address issues of reconciliation - with each other, with our own bodies of experience, and with our times - in a way that is powerful, personal and magical.

Dance performance: Bill Coleman

Storytelling: Lee Maracle

Additional design: Edward Poitras


Work in progress showing: Nordic Cultural Festival in Nuuk, Greenland October 7-13th, 2019

Run Time: 60 minutes

For bookings, please contact Bill Coleman at

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