Dollhouse in Globe and Mail's top 10 dance shows of 2016

The Globe and Mail's Martha Schabas has made her picks for her top ten favourite dance shows this year. Dollhouse's production at Canadian Stage back in November made the list. She writes, "This unclassifiable and mesmerizing duet between a dancer and a sound artist created moving images of suffering and elation I won't soon forget. Most memorable may have been Coleman enraptured in the middle of a simulated rain storm, while the cluttered stage seemed to fall apart around him." To see the full list, click here.

Evi-dance Radio Reviews Dollhouse

"Coleman, despite the symbology of martyrs and rebels, and despite the pervasive sense of abuse of the human body throughout—whether the clanging of beaten metal or the overbright, harsh and punishing lights—takes responsibility for the creation of this environment and for the suffering, a kind of electronic shaman. The implication is that this suffering is chosen and self-imposed— Coleman offers resonance with our daily lives, where we are subjected to a constant wash of media, light and sound." Read the full review by Beverly Daurio here.

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