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Dancing to our own rhythm

One of a kind dance performance is the brainchild of neuroscience and art.

When it comes to science, the human mind would inevitably shift towards thinking about chemicals in test tubes, DNA or even the exciting world of quantum physics. However, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nicola Tesla, Omar Khayyam and many others have shown us that science also has a place in art, from paintings to designs and poetry.

Similarly, McMaster University witnessed another combination of art and science during Dance Brain, which took place last week at the university’s Large Interactive Visual Environment Lab, better known as the LIVELab housed in the psychology complex.

Dance Brain is a performance where the dancer’s electrical brain activity is measured through an electroencephalogram cap and brain waves are converted into music in real time. The brain-wave music is then danced to on stage, ultimately allowing the performer to dance to their own biological rhythm.

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